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Automatic transmissions are the most complex and intricate components of cars, which means your transmissions repair and diagnostics for transmission problems should only be performed by an experienced transmission technician. At Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair of Phoenix, we specialize in rebuilt transmissions and transmission repair, and that means all of our diagnostics and repairs are done in OUR shop by technicians that specialize in recognizing all types of transmission problems. Whether it's a slipping transmission or just a minor transmission leak, we can repair it correctly the first time!


Phoenix Transmissions repair and service information  Many Phoenix auto repair shops provide their customers with transmission repair, but they're only a third party. Most automotive shops sublet transmission repair to local transmission shops and mark-up the cost to you. Or even worse, they may have their technicians try and perform the transmission diagnostics and repairs themselves. Their technicians may only see transmission problems occasionally, leaving them lacking in experience, specialized equipment and resources to properly diagnose and perform your transmission repairs. Without the skills to perform the proper tests, the symptoms and problems could be misdiagnosed. They may even sell you a rebuilt transmission, when all you needed was a simple repair.


allstate transmissions affiliations Our transmission repair specialists have the equipment and expertise necessary to diagnose and repair any transmission related electrical or computer problems. Our Technicians even have the ability to perform a re-flash if needed (an up-grade for your vehicle's engine or transmission control module by updating it with the latest software version available) Even if your transmission is slipping, it doesn't always mean the transmission needs to be rebuilt, the problem can simply be with the transmission valve body or a malfunctioning sensor or solenoid. Your vehicle's Transmission Control Unit (TCU) can even play a part in your transmission problems.


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