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Our Staff Bios Section Here at Allstate Transmissions of Phoenix

Jeff Wilson, Allstate transmission's Website Content Author and Article Writer

Jeff Wilson

Author / Content Editor

Here At

Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair

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Jeff's History With Allstate Transmissions;

Since 1990 Jeff Wilson has been a major part of Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair of Phoenix. At the age of 25 and after his tour in the USAF, Jeff joined his brother Mitch at the family's transmission shop. He'd like to say that through trial and error (but it would be more accurate to say "after 25 years of epic fails!") Jeff was able to learn every aspect of the transmission industry and has filled almost every position at their Phoenix transmission shop.


Jeff's Current Position at Allstate Transmission;

With the internet becoming more and more relevant as a way for businesses to promote themselves to potential customers, Jeff has transitioned into managing the online presence for Allstate Transmission. The website created for us is a Joomla site, allowing for more customization but also a more complicated format than the standard Word Press sites used by almost all Webmasters. Within a couple months and the help of online forums, Jeff was able to become proficient at working with the our website's Joomla template. He now continues to update the site with new information about us and creates informative transmission repair related articles.


Jeff's Future In Their Phoenix Transmission Shop;

New changes are constantly being made by the major search engines in how they position internet content in search results. The most used search term when people are looking for transmission work here in Phoenix, is "Transmission Repair Phoenix" and showing up on the first page of the search result is something that all transmission repair shops in Phoenix compete for. Currently Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair will usually show up in 4 out of the 14 positions of this Google search. This doesn't include the paid advertisements by other shops because it doesn't mean that their information is more relevant and deserves to be on the front page, they're just paying to show up there. In order to keep our website ranking where it is, Jeff plans on gaining formal training for search engine optimization.


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