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how long to rebuild a transmision

How Long Does It Take To Rebuild An Automatic Transmission


How Long Should It Take
To Rebuild An Automatic Transmission?

An Automatic Transmission can be rebuilt in one day, but the average time it takes to rebuild an automatic transmission is three to four days.



Time frames for rebuilt transmissions

Explained in a Little More Detail


Why Does MY Transmission
Take So Long To Rebuild?

The time it takes to rebuild automatic transmissions is almost as important to some customers as the cost of the rebuild. The transmission shop you choose should be able to give you the average time it takes them to rebuild a transmission. On their written estimate to you for the rebuild cost, the time it should take them to complete the job should be listed as well. It's up to you take make sure though.

Although it can take one day to rebuild a simple automatic transmission, the one day turn around can usually only happen when the transmission is removed by another automotive shop or by the customer and taken to the transmission shop to rebuild, these jobs are referred to as "Bench Jobs". There are many reasons it could take much longer and here are a few of the reasons;

  • If you bring your car into the shop and have them diagnose the transmission problem, remove it, rebuild it and reinstall it, the entire job will usually take an average of four days. Usually each of the 4 steps above won't take a complete day to perform, but most transmission shops schedule only one step per day. This allows them time to address any unforeseen issues and makes sure they don't exceed the time they quoted you.
  • Correct diagnostic procedures can sometimes take more than a day alone to accurately diagnose problem automatic transmissions, accurately being the key word. Sometimes electrical problems must be traced to the root of the problem and repaired before the transmission can be determined to be damaged and need to be rebuilt.
  • The most common transmissions aren't simple; labor alone just to rebuild a common unit takes about half a day. Experienced transmission rebuilders will usually average about two common automatic transmission rebuilds a day. Some more complicated transmissions can take an entire day to rebuild alone, especially for an exotic automatic transmission such as European models which are MUCH more complicated.
  • Customers can affect how long it takes to rebuild a transmission if they take a long time to make decisions on their transmission repair, or a customer that's hard to reach for approval. If you're wondering why your transmission takes so long to rebuild, than try and remember if you may have cause it to. Once a customer is reached and gives approval for a certain repair or part, the vehicle will be put back into the shop's schedule, which, by that time the shop's schedule may have become full for the next step.
  • Hard part damage can cause a delay if the needed parts are on back-order, discontinued, or just hard to find. Even so, the transmission shop should be familiar with the common parts that fail in your type of transmission, and the experience they have with these parts and the time it takes to get them should have been factored into the time they quoted you. Follow this link for information about automatic transmission hard parts.
  • Finding the root cause of the transmission failure can take much longer than expected. Rebuilding a transmission is much more than just replacing worn out or broken parts, the rebuilder has to find the root cause of the failure or the transmission will be back in the shop very soon. The root cause can be as simple as the miles on the transmission, or a transmission that has been abused, but a small crack in a part that lets pressures bleed off can be much harder to spot. Locating these types of problems can be very time consuming.
  • A problem with the shop's repair can cause a major delay in how long it should take to rebuild a transmission. If a shop completes all four steps of the rebuild and an internal part fails or an employee makes a mistake, all four steps may have to be performed again, killing the scheduled completion date.
  • An automatic transmission rebuild covered under an extended warranty program will have the biggest effect on how long it takes to rebuild a transmission. Transmission shops should never quote a date completion date on these types of jobs. Extended warrant companies have to approve a repair after the vehicle is diagnosed and determine if the repair is covered under their warranty program. Once the transmission is removed and disassembled an adjuster must inspect the transmission parts and the cause of failure before approving reassembly of the transmission. Approval from the warranty company can take time for each step, and if they decide to have a used transmission installed, the transmission could take days before showing up at the transmission shop. It takes a shop that has experience and works well with warranty companies to help protect the customer from a warranty company that's looking for holes in the contract and tries to wiggle out of covering the job. The way a transmission shop works with a warranty company can even protect you from having a used automatic transmission installed. Some shops have a better reputation with warranty companies and can make sure the process moves along smoothly and quickly, or the job can seem to take forever. Here at Allstate Transmission Repair of Phoenix, we have years of experience with warranty companies, make sure the shop you choose does as well!


The Bottom Line

How long it takes to rebuild a transmission should be fairly close to the time the shop quoted you, but you can help the job stay on track too. Make sure the shop can reach you for an approval if needed, make sure their keeping you updated so you can hold them to the time frame, and if you need to make a decision about a suggested repair or part, try and get back with the shop as soon as possible; trying to fit your vehicle back into a the production schedule can be difficult for a busy shop and can have a major impact on how long it takes to rebuild an automatic transmission, especially yours.


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