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1967 Pontiac Firebird Drag Car at Allstate Transmissions Phoenix

1967 Firebird
Drag Car


Our 1967 Firebird Super Gas LAB RAT has been over 25 years in the making. Back then cars were cleverly named, and our Firebird was no different. We used it to test all types of our performance transmissions, in fact we even had our own clever saying (remember - this was back in the 80's) to go with the car; "A controlled experiment in performance and durability, Na, We just thrash on it and see what breaks!" anyway, we thought it was cool back then, and the name of the race car was the "LAB RAT". The image on the door was of a half rat, half cyborg character that fit the 80's era as well.

For what it was, it was kinda cool. Back then, everything in the LAB RAT was hand built in our Phoenix transmission repair shop. Looking back, sometimes I wonder what we were thinking; Like the narrowed 9 inch ford rear-end with ladder bars still using the original leaf springs, or, the 14:1, Lunati cammed Pontiac race motor with a dual quad low rise Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold with an adapter to run two 500 cfm 2 barrel Holley carbs. 1000 cfm is a bit much, who knows, but to stuff it into the dual plane style, dual quad intake manifold made sure the LAB RAT's motor never reached its full potential.

This time around, although the theme may still be the same, the LAB RAT is being rebuilt with a few changes. Most noticeably, the Aluminum headed, tunnel rammed, full roller, 12:1, 468 ci BBC with an NOS Fogger System just in case we test one of our performance transmissions and we can't break it! If we can't break one of our performance transmissions, we can't make them stronger!


Click on the links below to
View parts of our LAB RAT's image diary

1967 Firebird Race Car Part One


Image Diary Part 1)
The Old LAB RAT Before The Project Got Started

1967 Firebird Race Car Part Two


Image Diary Part 2)
Disassembled To Make Some New Improvements

1967 Firebird Race Car Part Three


Image Diary Part 3)
Mochup Of The New Big Block Chevy Motor Plates

1967 Firebird Race Car Part Four


Image Diary Part 4)
A New Aluminum Head BBC Heart For Our Lab Rat

1967 Firebird Race Car Part Five


Image Diary Part 5)
468 Cubic Inches Of Big Block Chevy Gets Bolted In

1967 Firebird Race Car Part Six


Image Diary Part 6)
Fabrication On The Suspension, Floor And Firewall



Image Diary Part 7)
Installation Starts On The NOS 250HP Fogger System



Image Diary Part 8)
3.5" Dual Exhaust With Electric Cut Outs For The Track

1967 Firebird Race Car Part Nine


Image Diary Part 9)
The Latest Pictures Of Our 1967 Firebird BBC LAB RAT


Once the BBC LAB RAT project is complete, we'll just keep posting
the next transmission torture test here as well.


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