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Over 30 Years of history at Allstate Transmission Repair of Phoenix, AZ


The History of Our Phoenix
Transmission Repair Shop



A New Phoenix Transmission Repair Shop

Yesterday; A Small, One Bay, Wholesale Phoenix Transmission Repair Shop

Allstate Transmissions has been serving Phoenix, and the surrounding area since 1987. We started out as a small, wholesale transmission repair shop in Phoenix with only one vehicle lift, outside without cover! 90 percent of our rebuilt transmissions had to be installed with the car on jack stands, where we got really familiar with the concrete while laying on our Allstate Transmissions First Repair Shop In Phoenixbacks installing transmissions. As a family owned and operated shop for rebuilt transmissions, we built our business model on a strategy of low overhead and high volume in order to keep our sales price low, and our wholesale clients happy. Our father ran the shop and all four brothers installed transmissions around the clock, literally. With the whole family putting in the extra hours, we were able to survive for the first couple of years on the low wholesale sale price.

As the word spread within the tightly knit Phoenix wholesale automotive community about a transmission shop that offered quality rebuilt transmissions and auto transmission repair at a true discount wholesale price, our customer base expanded, and we constantly outgrew our shops. Finally, we partnered with a business owner who owned a large auto repair building that would allow us to expand, and yet never outgrow the shop. With the excellent leadership and management skills of our new partner, we were ready to enter the highly competitive retail market of Phoenix transmission repair shops.



A Large Part of The
Phoenix Transmission Repair Shop Industry

Today; One Of The Largest Fleet Transmission Repair Shops in Phoenix, AZ

 30 years in business medallion At Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair in Phoenix, we have made great strides in our ability to perform quality transmission repair at an excellent value to our customers. Leveraging our buying power with local parts suppliers  Today at our Phoenix Transmission Repair Shop has allowed us to purchase high quality parts at lower prices than our competitors that purchase much less. Not only is the lower cost of parts important to keeping the price of our repairs down, but it lets us keep a much larger inventory of parts, making sure our work is done on time. As a wholesale supplier of rebuilt transmissions to other auto repair shops, we are one of the largest local suppliers in Phoenix. With over 30 years of experience in the wholesale transmission market, we have proven to our clients, some of which have been with us since we opened in 1987, that we provide a quality product at an outstanding wholesale price. We have expanded from our retail and wholesale market, to the large Phoenix fleet market. With an assortment of programs available from transmission repair and rebuilt transmissions, to vehicle maintenance, we have established a large presence in the Phoenix fleet market.



The Future of Phoenix Transmission Repair Shops

Tomorrow; Leading The Industry with Information, Discount Coupons and Offers

Our focus at Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair of Phoenix, AZ continues to be 100% customer satisfaction. A large part of complete customer satisfaction is Tomorrow at Allstate Transmission And Auto Repair in Phoenix for us to provide as much information as possible. A short term goal is to improve our website. We want to make our website as easy to use as possible and fill it full of useful information for our customers. We will soon be adding Videos, a Blog page, FAQ's and Transmission Technical Information pages and a page to showcase the progress of our Project Cars. We have also created new FREE Offers and Discount Coupons.

As far as our long term goals, we are looking at expanding to other Phoenix, metro locations, as well as cities across Arizona. We are also considering manufacturing specialty transmissions and parts to market nationwide. To lead the transmission industry, we must constantly stay ahead of new transmission technologies that are changing as quickly as the curve on consumer electronics, and we must also stay proactive in maintaining organized goals. Considering what goes into the total business here at Allstate Transmissions, transmission repair is the easy part for us!



Click on the following link for more information about Allstate Transmission Repair in Phoenix and the services that our Transmission Repair And Service Department has to offer, or feel free to give us a call at; 602 253-2553. We look forward to speaking with you.


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